The Sharks T-Shirt:

The Sharks T-Shirt

If you want to be a member of the Sharks gang then you gotta dress the part. The Sharks logo is proudly displayed on the front, while the weapons of choice (pogo stick, skateboard, hula-hoop, knife logos) and a Sharks member are on the lower back! Brought to you by the rockin' folks at This will set you back 5040 yen, which is about $55. It's a small price to pay to say you swim with the Sharks! This shirt comes packaged in a present box with a special postcard. With the postcard is an advertisement insert and a sticker for a game.

How To Get:
Front - Front (Detail 1) - Front (Detail 2) - Front (Detail 3) - Back - Back (Detail 1) - Back (Detail 2) - Back (Detail 3) - Postcard (Front) - Postcard (Back)

Present Box - Present Box (Open) - Present Box (Inside) - Insert (English) - Insert (Japanese) - Game Insert & Sticker

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