New, Improved Banners:

After the Banner Contest 2006, we have obtained many new, incredible banners for use on websites that are kind enough to use a banner linking to Unlike the banner contest held in 2000, this contest was expanded for not only horizontal banners, but also for vertical, button, and micro-style banners, categorized by size, for more than just one winner.

Below are the winners, in Horizontal, Vertical, Button, Micro, and Set categories, and are highly encouraged for use as the banners to use when linking to the site. At the bottom of this page is a link to a new page with those banners that, unfortunately, didn't place.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our banner contest, it's people like you who keep the community alive and kicking outside of the forums.

Banner Set Winners:

Sets are made for the full immersion of bannerness on a website, so a consistent theme can be made. If you want to use all sizes on your website, nstead of using four random banners that look nothing alike, these make great alternatives.

1st Place - atari baby

2nd Place - PBalfredo

3rd Place - BluePanda

Micro Banner Winners:

1st Place - Mr. Spoon

2nd Place - Sonic65

3rd Place - Radiation

Button Banner Winners:

1st Place - Firegirl

2nd Place - xfisjmg1

3rd Place - Cap'n Crunch + Erik

Horizontal Banner Winners:

1st Place - kakashi0freak

2nd Place - RedShadow13

3rd Place - Cappucino

Vertical Banner Winners:

Vertical was, admittedly, the category with the lowest turnout. The only other banner after these two was also part of a set, and therefore disqualified from this category.

1st Place - Cap'n Muffin 2nd Place - Stevesesy

The Non-Placers:

For those that didn't place, we'll always have a shrine for you here on this page.

Also, you can view the older banners by clicking here



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