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From the Stars - by LitoNico

From the Stars

Starmen: the most interesting thing to render this side of Saturn Valley. This one's just testing out a new Cinema 4D lighting setup.

PERFECT 10! The score will say 1.10, but it's actually 10.

Other Submissions by LitoNico

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LitoNico Mother 3 Beachcombing- Guitar
Guitar sheet music and chord changes for the Mother 3 Beachcombing theme.
2/12/10 0.00
LitoNico Mother 3 Beachcombing– Guitar Tabs
Guitar tabs and chord changes for the Mother 3 Beachcombing theme.
2/12/10 0.00
LitoNico Mr. Saturn's Magic Eye
Fan Art of the Week Winner! 3 Dec 2007

An autostereogram of a Mr. Saturn! You know how these work... right?

Just stare through the image- diverge your eyes. If you cross your eyes, you'll end up with an inside-out image.

Bryce 5.5, StereoMaker, and Photoshop.
11/30/07 7.00
LitoNico Pigmask Tank
da dum dum dum!

Pigmask Tank! Started as a two-hour modeling challenge and spiraled out of control. O.o

ALL QUADS! That’s rather good for my holistic style of modeling, which is "If I can cover up the mistakes in photoshop, it’s good enough". So, no paint-over on this one.
11/30/08 10.00
LitoNico Pure Evil
Open up Pokey's soul, and what do you get...
11/3/07 0.00


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