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Seeing Red - by Axl-fox

Seeing Red

I'd hate to be the fool he's aiming at...

PERFECT 10! The score will say 1.10, but it's actually 10.

Other Submissions by Axl-fox

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Axl-fox Fairy Tale
man oh god, is not just cute to see this family together sharing a good story before going to bed?

if only...
10/31/09 9.00
Axl-fox Fallin' in Love
"sing a melody of love

oh love..."
1/23/10 9.00
Axl-fox Giegue call home
fun fact: Itoi used the film "E.T the extraterrestial" as an inspiration for the making of the games, so you may get the joke
10/14/09 10.00
Axl-fox Gijinka Gigus
a different way to see our little favorite alien
12/18/09 9.00
Axl-fox I didn't wanted to
and after all of what happened...yet...I didn't wanted it to end like this...after all were... family...
11/9/09 0.00


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