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ArmoredFrog Carpainter's Haunted House
Happy Halloween 2006!
10/30/06 0.00
Artemis251 The Haunts of the Rosemarys'
The lonely house in Spookane had just beared witness to a new birth to the Rosemary family, but suddenly turned into a tragedy...a heinous house of haunts!
10/22/06 10.00
avroillusion Chrysanthemum
Ana, our favourite little girl in blonde pigtails from Mother. She's got herself a little Jack-O-Lantern~.
10/18/06 7.00
avroillusion Osohe Castle
Duster being cool and stuff. Maybe it's because the Osohe Cape gives him more coolness points than usual.
10/15/06 9.00
axelgnt Trick or Treat Kid
Its Trick or Treat Kid my style i hope you like it
man it was fun making the pumpkins with clay
10/20/06 10.00
Blissfulystoopid A walk through Threed
A Poem telling a little bit about Ness' adventures in Threed from another perspective.
10/12/06 0.00
Carbon Dog A Disturbed Mind
An 'Anti-Magicant' of sorts. Done in FL Studio 6.
10/13/06 0.00
Carl Ness's Costume
Ness's costume for this year's halloween. He's pretty satisfied with it.
10/27/06 0.00
Chasetown84 Ness' Halloween Party
After Trick-or-Treating, Ness and his friends kick it back at his place.
11/4/06 8.00
CherrieGal Forever and ever....
lol the shining

so this is a totally crappy picture I made after this idea popped into my head. I'm sure somebody has already beaten me to the punch but oh well. Lucas and Claus are kind of an amalgamation of their N64 and GBA designs, and my brown markers decided they were going to die halfway through coloring.
10/30/06 8.00
CherrieGal Time to Boogey.
Fan Art of the Week Winner! 2 Apr 2007

10/10/06 8.40
CherrieGal Takin' the kids out
Flint takes the twins out trick-or-treating. Lucas and Claus went as another famous pair of video game twins, and Flint is of course, the Man in Black. There's a lot of wonky stuff in this, and I'm not entirely sure if I got Lucas and Claus right or if this is even in-character for any of them, but it's cute so I like it. :3
10/15/06 8.00
Chewy Zombie Dog
By Chewy
Concept by Plo
11/7/06 8.00
crazyants Socks.. oh and pokey as well
Ya the main scare in here is no-shoed-socks, and pokeys lousy home made costume
10/17/06 0.00
crazyants Did you forget?
I believe you neglected to give mr.fobby here a candy and now you have been magic'ed for your ignorance.
10/13/06 0.00
Dannondorf Ripped Apart
Earthbound fanfic. A less pleasant take on Poo's final trial in Mu training.
10/19/06 0.00
Dannondorf The Poo Has Got No Clue
Earthbound fanfic. Poo visits Onett on Halloween night.
11/6/06 0.00
DarthBelch Metamorphoses Lycanthropy
A new terror arrives in Threed just in time for Halloween!
11/1/06 0.00
Denn Fear the Zombies
The decaying ligaments of zombification isn't all it's hyped up to be.
11/1/06 0.00
Dsious PK Pumpkin
Wouldn't it be interesting to play as the Trick or Treat Kid? Well, I think it would be.
10/26/06 0.00



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