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From the Stars - by LitoNico

From the Stars

Starmen: the most interesting thing to render this side of Saturn Valley. This one's just testing out a new Cinema 4D lighting setup.

PERFECT 10! The score will say 1.10, but it's actually 10.

Other Submissions by LitoNico

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LitoNico Dosei-San
An old EarthBound image, rendered in Bryce 5, and messed about with in Photoshop. Enjoy!

I like this model enough I just might have to perfect it and re-render. Maybe.
9/2/07 0.00
LitoNico Starman Glory
Here stands the Starman, in all of his great and shining glory.

Another old Bryce 5 render, spiffed up a bit in Photoshop. Though the Starman looks a bit odd (it was one of my worse Wings 3D models), I like the render- it's not often you get highlights of such brilliance in Bryce!
9/2/07 9.00
LitoNico Li'l UFO poster
There are three things in this life that shouldn't be underestimated: Aliens, Art, and Mother fans.

I'd say this image captures all three rather nicely.

Made this because I felt a bit guilty lurking on this site for so long, and never contributing anything to the community... so I made an EB Siege Propaganda poster.

Well, I went back and looked, and I've got everything wrong. Not only does my picture have a weird aspect ratio, it's made to print a 240 dots per inch.

I suppose I could size it down to envelope size, and scale it to 300 dpi in the same gesture. I hope they accept computer-art in the Envelope Siege. I also hope I've submitted this to the right section- should this go into EB Siege?

Oh, and modeled with Wings 3D, lit and rendered in Cinema 4D trial, and graphics stuck in with Photoshop.
9/2/07 9.00
LitoNico From the Stars
Starmen: the most interesting thing to render this side of Saturn Valley. This one's just testing out a new Cinema 4D lighting setup.
9/4/07 10.00
LitoNico The Genius of Dr. Andonuts
The Sky Runner!

This was lots of fun to model, and even more fun to light and render. I originally planned for Dr. Andonuts himself to be in the scene, but who knew that modeling a fat, lab-coated, moustached man would be so difficult?

Modeled in Wings 3D, rendered in the trial of Cinema 4D, and touched up in Photoshop.
9/19/07 10.00


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